painting en plein air

Come along and experience painting en plein air - there is nothing like it!

Christine loves to paint landscapes and finds that it is important to start in the midst of that very landscape.

'I need to feel the wind, sun and even sometimes rain on my face, hear the birds and really get a sense of an environment when I set out to paint a scene.'

What do you need to paint successfully in nature?

  • Equipment suitable for use in the elements
  • Looking after yourself outside - what not to forget!
  • How to prepare a canvas with a 'ground'.
  • Watch Christine demonstrate how she goes about it!

'Fire Trail 1'

This artwork was started outside on one of the fire trails in a National Park near Lennox Head, NSW

Sitting up a tree on a dry river bed!

In the outback, northwest of Broken Hill, NSW on an expedition to draw and paint in the red desert.

South Australia, working on the ground.

There is nothing like painting outside to test your practice! Sometimes it is windy or your canvas is too big for an easel, so working on the ground may be the best option!

Price option - one simple amount.