If you want to find your creative voice and have fun along the way, come and join us!

Our aim is to inspire you to be creative by using your own innate artistic ability and to share with you our knowledge of art, art history and culture.

What makes us unique? As practising artists we provide a safe space to explore the often vulnerable experience of opening up your creative self.

We offer guidance and online classes with video demonstrations to use in private. a forum for expression in face to face classes and the opportunity to exhibit works once confidence is gained. We are hoping to make art accessible by being ourselves and by allowing others to be uniquely themselves.

Five years ago I discovered Christine’s art classes at LAC Lennox Head, and I haven’t stopped painting since!

Christine’s extensive knowledge of art and her relaxed and fun approach to teaching, ensure everyone will discover their own inner artist. Whether it’s taking that first tentative step towards art, or reigniting an existing art practice, I can highly recommend Christine’s friendly and welcoming workshops.


I just love your classes!

- Narelle

Art Basics

In this course you will learn about the art basics that I have found useful in my art career. Hopefully you will find the course easy to follow. We cover

  • Drawing Basics
  • Painting Basics
  • Colour Basics

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The Fascination and Inspiration of Art History

Art, travel and cultural pursuits go hand in hand. When it is possible I take groups to France and England to experience art and culture in situ. Even when travel is not possible overseas, there is so much to experience at home and to learn about art history and to share that knowledge is one of my passions.

Part 1:

Early Art and how it inspires us today;

Prehistory to the end of the 18th Century

Now Available.

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And in the future:

Part 2: The Rise of Modernism

Part 3: The Art of the 20th Century'

Part 4: Australian Art

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Art Challenges!

There is no getting away from the fact that art can be challenging, but learning from those challenges and resolving them is key to learning! We cover issues such as 'Fortunate Mistakes' 'Renovating an Artwork' and 'Never throw it Away!'

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Hi, I’m Christine, a practising and teaching artist with a passion for painting, art history, travel and culture. I'd love to share these passions with you!